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The immediate past captain of Ikeja Golf Club, Jibola Awoseyi couldn’t have wished for anything better than that what he got as a parting gift when his tenure elapsed as the captain of the club in March; a weeklong golf competition; involving Caddies, pro golfers, men, women and veterans, glamorous prices, sumptuous dinner all through the week and music as interlude.

To many, it wasn’t totally unexpected. Ever since he took charge as the captain of the club, Jiblo, as he’s fondly called has always looked for ways to enrich the club with various forms of innovations.

It was during his tenure that two junior competitions held, it was during his tenure that all important Cancer Awareness campaign held. Though it was coordinated by the ladies section, it has been recorded as one of the vent that took place under his reign and rightly so.

Apart from that there were other great innovations, including the construction of the club house that has reached advanced stage and the ongoing green redesign and reconstruction projects.

Now you can walk the course with all pleasure and you can even take a rest as you enjoy your game. Pressed? Oh!  You don’t have to run to the cloak room, provision has already been provided on the course.

In fact his signature is everywhere. On the course they are visible and off it, they are prominent. The question therefore is, was Jiblo prepared for the job before offering himself for service?

“Yeah”, he said. “What I wanted to achieve was for anyone who has not been here for one year to get here and get confused. Right from the gate to the course, you will see changes, I wanted people to know that if you are determined you will achieve something, don’t lose focus, like I used to tell people, I don’t have an answer to success, but I do to failure and that is to listen to everybody. Some give advice that you take and some you don’t take”.

Beside his determination to impact of his member and especially the course, Captain Jiblo, throughout his tenure never took the elders for granted. He love them, he cherished them and appreciate them.

That perhaps explained their presence on the course during the tournament marking his end of tenure. At the of the day, Elems Obowu won the prize staked in the veteran category carting away to the honour of the celebrant Air Conditioner, while Lai Oyeduntan came second. For his effort, Oyeduntan was awarded a water purifier.

Other winners are Austin Omorhirhi who emerged the overall winner, Olusola Adekanola, Chichi Alamu, Alaba Adetunji among others.

Impressed by the turn out at the end of tenure tournament, Jiblo, was short for wards. He didn’t know where to start. However, reaching for his microphone gave thank to his lovely, the woman who holds forth back home when he was away serving his members, he thumbed up the men who formed his committee, he didn’t forget the ladies section. He looked at the club house and remembered his promise. Though, there are few thing left undone, the clubhouse is almost 70 per cent completed.

What’s more?

Like he rightly put it in his speech “if you are walking down the right path and you are willing to keep walking, you will achieve progress”.

Jiblo walked the right path; the outcome is visible for all to see.

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