Smokin Hills: Ade-Ojo’s gift to nature

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A visit to Smoking Hills Golf Resort, Ilara-Mokin in Ondo state will attest to the fact that Chief Michael Ade-Ojo loves nature. The resort aptly described as Ade-Ojo’s gift to human kind, is a testimony to the fact of his loves for golf and the people of Ilara-Mokin and to a large extent nature.

Located on the outskirts of Akure, the Ondo state capital, the resort has a standard 18-hole golf course covering 140 acres of land with international standard facilities including a private area and driving range.

The resort is presently the biggest golf course in Nigeria and there are plans for a complementing Five-star Hotel to be attached to it.

Smoking Hills offers opportunity for people to meet, make friends, relax, eat, explore nature and play golf.

The resort was built to the latest PGA standards. It is presently the biggest in Nigeria and proudly one of the most challenging in Africa. It was opened for play in 2012.”

The promoter, who is also the Chairman of Toyota Nigeria Limited, has as one of its aims, to mould future leaders from the Course. This explains why he has a golf tournament for Elizade University students every year.

The annual Wuraola Ojo Memorial Golf Tournament is another regular event on the facility.

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